Passionate about it today as I did when I first started out.

Through many years of work and study in the fields of Landscape 
Design, Horticulture, Permaculture and sculpting, my deep knowledge of plants has 
become an inseparable part of my inner self. I find myself listening to the landscape and the client, until I fully understand the inherent needs of both , leading to the creation of a harmonious garden.

The space outside, the view that encircles us -with the right plants in the right place and a good sense for natural materials- we can recreate our personal outdoor environment. 

My many years’ experience with hands on consultation, supervision of urban and
campus gardens, and the creation of gardens throughout Israel, enables me to quickly assess a site (including microclimate and soil considerations). Then, I can immediately dig in and begin to design and build, based on the client’s aspirations, wishes, preferences, needs and budget: a small city park, a roundabout or a garden of any scale.

I feel that I have been blessed with a strong passion for this incredible profession. 
Each time I am introduced to a new project - big or small – I am visited by a sense of  humbleness and gratification to have been given such a gift: the ability to create a spectacular garden.

 Artical - At Eye Level | HIT Holon Institute of Technology, The Julia Mizrahi Vitrina Gallery